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The Best Weed Smoking Accessories For Your Needs



Weed smoking accessories are a dime a dozen nowadays and what you will find are many different types of bongs to consider. What is the best way to decide which bong is right for you? Here we review some of the most popular bongs out there and what their advantages are.


Rolling Weed Bongs - These bongs come in a variety of shapes such as circular, dome or square. The reason they are called rolling is because the weed is rolled into the material to be smoked. They are a great smoking accessory for anyone who wants to enjoy the taste of herbs with their bud. The only drawback to using these is that some herbs do not smoke well in oil.


Rope Rigs - If you are more of a person who enjoys the pipe, then a rope rig might be right up your alley. These smoking accessories are also called Roach tips and have a handle on one end and a slender tube at the other. The tube can be bent around the stems of the herbs to allow them to smoke in nice and slow. This is a great accessory if you prefer slow smoking. The downfall to using a rope rig is that some of the herbs may be cut off or even burned when rolling on the rope. Know what is dabbing here!


Bent Leaf Bags - These smoking accessories can be used in conjunction with any pipe. All you do is add a bent leaf to the bottom of the tube and smoke it like you were smoking a regular pipe. This is a great accessory if you want to smoke a specific kind of herb. For example if you are smoking lavender you would add some bent leaf to the bottom of the bag to allow the smoke to go through and smell nice. You would do the same for any other kind of herb. Check out this website at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/best-websites-for-unique-gifts-stocking-stuffers-and-more_us_5a283359e4b044d16726f54a for more info about bongs.


Herb Grinder - If you like to make your own herb blends, this is a great smoking accessory. There are a number of grinder accessories available including the popular grinder and slicer. You can even get kits that include the grinder, slicer, bowl and the blades to grind your herbs with. Most kits include the blades and bowls only. This is a great way to save money as you don't have to buy these separately.


Dab Rigs - The dab rig is a great accessory for when you just want to smoke small amounts of herbs. You can do this with any kind of pipe or even a finger nail. The dab rig consists of two bowls, a ground up blunt blade and a few syringes. You can simply put the blade to the bottom to catch the drips and use the syringe to put the herb blend into each bowl. These are a great and inexpensive way to smoke your dry herbs. Know how to use a bong here!